Product Research

From competitive product research to creating a product requirements definition, QDG can help focus on what really matters and define your products desired attributes and characteristics. The research doesn’t stop there. We create benchmarks throughout the development process, test against them and make improvements during development to make sure that your product meets or exceeds

Industrial Design

Design is often the key to success. A well designed product appeals to the greatest number of people, engenders loyalty and can create a market presence. Yet with all of the potential benefits of design some businesses still view design as an afterthought. Unfortunately, once a product has been built it may be too late


The way a product performs under various conditions can either make a product successful or doom it to failure. The metrics by which you evaluate your products performance are the key to unlocking your products potential and maintaining a happy customer base. In this article you will learn what the essential characteristics of a successful


The 3D Printing industry is maturing and there is an expanding variety of technologies creating choice in the way you create your parts. In addition, the 3d printing industry is making inroads into manufacturing and becoming a viable alternative to more traditional methods of manufacture. While these new technologies are revolutionizing the way we make