Product Development Work Flow
Product Development Work Flow

Our process begins with a no obligation review of your project goals and objectives.

Upon review, we provide a detailed proposal outlining the anticipated work arranged into phases. Each phase is explained and includes a list of activities, anticipated deliverables, estimated costs and a general time line for your review and approval.

Cost and timing estimates are also itemized by phase so that you can authorize as much (or as little) as you desire. Our proposals are meant to be used as a metric by which project progress can be managed and it helps us in setting milestones and expectations.

Once our proposal has been approved, we kick off the project by conducting a strategy meeting with the internal stake holders to insure all relevant input is taken into account. Our goal is to build a team wide effort toward success. Collaboration is key and we want to insure a positive team dynamic.

Our experience informs our process. We trust that you will find our approach direct, thoughtful and valuable enough to begin your product development journey with us.